Dual Layer 1:1 Copying

Hi All,

Having had a dvd burner for a year and really only burning the odd thing, it gave up so I went and got myself an LG dual layer burner but am yet to try a dual layer copy (£4 a disc is very steep). Anyway, I’ve got a couple of dual dvd blanks to try and burn something with and I’m wondering if I do/need anything different or if there is a recomended peice of software for ths purpose.
Currently used (only a few times but without probs) DVD Xcopy/Shrink + Decryptor to make a copies onto a single layer disc but is it just the same process.



dvd decrypter - ISO READ. dvd decrypter - ISO WRITE
Various other ways/programs also

Thx deany,

Havent written anything with decryptor yet, i’ll give it a go.


just make sure you use latest version…

decrytor is agreat free program. Try it. :slight_smile:

DVD Decrypter is for me only program, that by 1:1 copy sets “Layer Break” same as was on original DVD (select *.mds file for burning !!)