Dual lay upgrade to liteon sohw 802s?

hi all, my name is mick and i’m speaking to you from sunny adelaide in south oz, down under. I have a liteon sohw 802s an i want to upgrade it (using some sort of software) to a dual layer burner. can this be done or am i just too stoned? also what other party tricks can i do with a 802s? please advise



Hi Mick and welcome to cdfreaks.

2 reasons why i shouldnt help, first your in sunny Aus and iam in frezzin UK second your stoned and i`am not Lol just kidding

check out the liteon FAQ http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109986

thanks acko for your assistance. Sorry about the weather - I guess you are recovering from frost-bite where I’m recoverying from sun burn from a day jet-skiing on the river.


Mick aka rygar_70