Dual Format? Why? TDk Indi DVD AID+420N

Just about to buy a DVD burner but noticed this one liste is not Dual Format.

Whats the pluses of having dual format? I want ot be able to burn stuff off my computer and play them on my home DVD player, will I be able to do this with this Dvd burner http://www.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/sku.asp?sku=510944&PageType=1

Is it just a software issue? If I get this player and the right software should I be fine?


It has nothing to do w/ software. Either your stand alone DVD player DVD+R or DVD-R. Using different software will not change the fact.

Wait, am I looking at double posting here? We’re still talking about your TDK DVD writer here, you don’t have to make two threads to answer one question.

I allways get worried my stuff wont get answered. I am 5 minutes away form staples and wanting to buy the burner but worried that it is only single format. I would be around 188 plus 60 for the external firewire case so $250 at the most and I am done. I did some reading and found that the Xbox plays dvd+r and dvd+rw discs. My Cd-r disc does not work, I think a CD+r/rw will though.

I honestly want to be able to burn dvd movies and play them on the Xbox

Costco is also 5 minutes away and they have the dual format cendyne for $235 I think. I would then have to spend $60 to install it in a external enclossure.



I was also considering getting ths drive,but the speed for DVD-r and DVD+r
are different. (4x for one and 2.4x for the other). It boggles the mind after these supposedly knowledgeable corporations
see over and over what’s top in DVD burners,and they STILL come out with drives that are inadequate in write speed. Like I said so many times before with issues like this,Get the Sony!!!