Dual Format? or Single? Whats better?

Just about to buy a DVD burner but noticed this one liste is not Dual Format.

Whats the pluses of having dual format? I want ot be able to burn stuff off my computer and play them on my home DVD player, will I be able to do this with this Dvd burner http://www.staples.com/Catalog/Browse/sku.asp?sku=510944&PageType=1

Is it just a software issue? If I get this player and the right software should I be fine?


For a single format DVD writer, you paid way too much. I suggest you check out newegg.com first or at least look for Staples/OfficeMax/OfficeDept instant rebate and mail in rebate deals before buying.

Regarding the single/dual format question, dual format is probably the way to go if you don’t want to guess which format your stand alone DVD player supports. DVD+R is widely supported though. I know it plays on both my Sony stand alone and PS2.

the drive has a $50 rebate and I found a $30 coupoin bringing the drive to $188. Not bad, I will also be installing it in an external firewire case.

If your DVD+r played on your pS2, you think it will play on my Xbox?

So, this is not a DVD+RW drive?


Not sure if it’ll play on the Xbox as I have no idea what’s the make and model of the DVD-ROM inside.

When talking about single format DVD writers, DVD+R includes DVD+RW, just as DVD-R includes DVD-RW, but not both. A dual format DVD writer has the ability to burn all 4 formats.