Dual format burners and compatibility bitsettings

Does anyone know of a dual format burner that supports the setting of compatibility bitsettings (eg “Book Type”) ?

(or anyone heard if any manufacturers have plans to support this ?)


  • David

I think your best bet might be to post your question on a manufacturer’s forum,this way you get the news from the horse’s
mouth. When information of this type is posted here,it more often that not originates at a manufacturer’s website. So it stands to reason,your question would answered more quickly there. Good Luck… :cool:

Ricoh based drives are the only ones that allow this. You can find some info at http://www.dvdrrw.org/ .

No dual format drives support book type changing/bitsetting on DVD+R/RW at the moment.
BenQ and Ricoh DVD+R/RW drives support bitsetting on both DVD+R/RW. HP dvd300i (or any NEC ND-1100A based drive flashed with HP’s firmware) supports bitsetting on DVD+RW only, DVD+R is burnt as DVD-ROM by default.