Dual Format 8x?

Hello everyone!! I am looking for a good drive that has support for 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW writing speeds, know of any?

The NEC 2500A is a nice choice if you can pick up a DVD-ROM with it for reading.

Is the DVD-ROM needed for coping purposes?

Ok. The NEC can have reading issues where small scratches and smudges can potentially cause reading errors.
So buy a nice DVD-ROM (Lite-On or Asus) and the NEC should be able to give you great write quality.
Plus DVD-ROMS are generally faster at ripping anyway and are cheap. ($35?)

The LiteOn 812S is just arriving in stores now as well. I haven’t found a review yet. But judging from what I’ve seen it will be the best LiteOn DVD burner yet.

Those would be my two choices personally.

Take the time to read around before buying your burner.
There are many great resources/threads here if you take a while to read/search for them :smiley:

Many thanks to you. I appreciate the advise and info. I do favor LiteOn products over others. There is about $30 difference between the two, no sweat. Thanks again.

I thought the Liteon only supported 8x with DVD+R, leaving DVD-R at 4x.

There is a new model that just came out that does 8x ±R and 4x ±RW.

The 812S.
You are thinking of the 811S or 851S. Still both great burners. But they only do 4x -R and 2x -RW.

I picked up a Nu Tech DDW-081, installed new firmware allowing dual +R and -R burning and have not had a problem burning either! Burns CDRs at 40! GOOD DRIVE!!

I took the plunge and bought a LITEON SOHW-812S. I hope it is as good as all the other products of theirs that I have purchased though the years.:slight_smile:


how come i have problems updating the firmware to B364?
but no problem at all using BX31.

so strange.