Dual encrption methods on layered disc?

Dual encryption methods on a dual layer disc? I tried to backup a DVD I purchased from local rental store going out of business. Golden Years, 2001, Republic Pictures on Artisan label. It would NOT play correctly with AnyDVD running at default settings, nor any combination of settings. I went back several versions of AnyDVD, same results. Same results on a three drives on two PC’s in the house. It seems at about the layer break macrovision encryption commenced. AnyDVD Ripper could not handle it, nor could DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD off OR on. Macrovision erupted in all attempts. I remembered an old trick with a long gone unused ripper from the past. Play the DVD in Power DVD with AnyDVD OFF! This allowed non encrypted play. THEN, pause the disc, run DVD Decrypter and it rips flawlessly! DVD Decrypter will NOT process while disc in play, only in pause. I think 2 different encryptions used on the 2 layers, confusing AnyDVD. I’m sending a logfile of the disc. The log is a MESS of info not normally found.
I am on XP Home SP2, AnyDVD version, no other packet writing software, 1GB Mem, 2.11GHz AMD Sempron processor on an emachine. Don’t laugh! It’s a great PC!

you should go here

Well, AnyDVD beta clears the last 24% of vobs 5, 6, 7, but errors still exist in encryption in the second layer. Go figure! I’ll email AnyDVD Support directly.

Aha! Any DVD Beta clears the problem. It must be a beach to have to configure for all eventualities. All Slysoft’s efforts are GREATLY appreciated! Best thing since liquid spit! ;- )

  • Fix (DVD): Bug introduced in AnyDVD, CSS decryption on second
    layer failed with some discs, e.g. “Robocop 2”, Germany

and i thought you were crazy. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ha haaa! Yur right…I AM crazy, but I sho’ ain’t stooopid! ;- )
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