Dual dvd drives with sata hard drive

I am about to put on line another computer that has a 500 gb sata hard drive. can i use two dvd burners on this hard drive . i already have a samsung dvd burner on it, but i want to add a plextor burner with it. don:bow:

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If your motherboard has enough free SATA ports, sure you can add another SATA burner. I’m guessing the Plextor you’d like to add is SATA also?

I have an SATA HDD, plus 2 SATA burners on the PC I’m using to post this message. :wink:

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[QUOTE=turkdeb;2470702]…can i use two dvd burners on this hard drive…[/QUOTE]

Do you mean that you want to use two burners at the same time writing data from the same HDD? Burning two discs at the same time from a single HDD is not really a good idea. Only fastest drives allow this, but it is certainly safer to have two separate HDDs, each one serving a separate burner.

Sorry if I misinterpreted your question :flower: