Dual drives?

Iv’e been using 1click for about 6 months,with little to no problems.In the past I have always ripped a copy to a folder and then inserted a blank disc and then burned a copy of the folder,one dvd drive that was my only option.
Today I installed a read only dvd drive and burned a movie on my dvd burner,from the rom drive. Again perfect copy.
But I always figured when I finally installed a dvd rom and used my dvd burner at the same time,the ripping and burning would happen simutaneously.
That is not what happened,first the dvd rom ripped a copy,then the dvd burner,burned a copy. Hardly any advantage to the way I was doing it before.
Am I doing something wrong or is the way it is suppose to work? I always thought the 2 drives would synch up and work in tandem?!?
Please enlighten me! journeyman_7

1-Click always uses the hard drive during the process, I assume that this is something to do with the compression side of the process. The only benefit of using two drives is that you can insert the blank media at the start, allowing you to press the start button and walk away until the total process is finished.

This is true - 1ClickDVDCopy will always ‘cache’ to HDD Temp Folder first
-and It is considered safer to do so

but …

If you are interested in burning - “On the Fly” - it can be done

#1. You need to be using AnyDVD as your decrypter
( or similar , if any , 'run in the background/‘on the fly’ decrypter )

#2. You must have everything in order
and confident with your Burning process
A good DVD “Reader” and a good DVD “Burner”

  • Good Media - All set to go
  1. You need a ‘On the Fly" program
    I find CloneCD works best
    Nero , SonicRecordNow! , etc. are also "On the Fly’ capable

  2. “On the Fly” Burning is only possible with 1:1 Back-Ups
    4.7DVD5 SL to 4.7DVD5 SL // 8.5 DVD9 DL to 8.5 DVD9 DL
    "Exact" Copies > No Editing > No Compression

  3. Disable All Power Management Options / Screensavers / etc
    ( or use EnditAll2 )

  4. Be absolutely positive that you have a ‘good’ Source Disc

  • One Good Read Error - and it’s all over - instant coaster
    Scan Disc with VSOInspector first
  1. You will not be able to 'Burn" faster than you are able to 'Read"
    If you can only read the Disc @4x - You’ll only burn below 4x
    Set to burn at a reasonable speed - with this in mind

Following the above

  • I have always had excellent “On the Fly” Results
    Yes , It’s alot quicker and convenient - when you can