Dual drive storage devices and VeloSSD

Dual drive storage devices are new.

My Son´s Laptop has MSATA ports, but no MSATA Card was detected never.
The DVD Port was not pin compatible with SATA.
No spare SATA ports available, so only 1 SATA port.

A dual drive storage device could help to improve performance.

The WD BLACK² Dual Drive Storage Device consists of
a 2.5 inch 1TB WD Black HDD and, screwed on its top, a 128 GB SSD.
Both devices interface through one Sata Port.
Isn´t this ideal to use for SSD caching in a Labtop ?
Following the Manufacturers Documentation i installed Windows
on the 1TB Volume and then added the VeloSSD caching software
to use the 128GB SSD as caching volume.

My humble opinion is that this is a great device,
especially when equipped with Caching software.