Dual copy to single layer DVD

I’m a quite unexperienced DVD user, In fact only bought one’s but due to a handicapped family party i’m facing quite a substantial loss due to maltreatment by her of the original one’s.
So i bought Philips DVD+R and installed DVDfab5 and IMG burn on advice of a friend.
Unfortunately i started to try copying a dual DVD to a single layer DVD
It didn’t work with DVD platinum.
Due i hav eto use dual layer DVD to copy them?? How can i copy to a single layer DVD?

I could not find easely a reply in the other threads.


Give us more details, what exactly did not work?

Did you read the guide?

Of course you can copy a DL-DVD to a SL-DVD!

I am sure others will come along & explain for you how you can use DvdFab Platinum from start to finish, to do what you wish to do, meanwhile here’s another option. You can use DvdFab Platinum for the first part. Check out posts #67 to #74, but please also read post #78.


Hi alexkinnet and welcome to cdfreaks,

[QUOTE=alexkinnet;2116087]How can i copy to a single layer DVD?

As to “the how”…with platinum, it doesn’t get any easier.
Put the[B] Source[/B] disc in your [B]Source[/B] (or read) drive and put a blank SL disc in your[B] Target[/B] (or destination) drive. If you have only one drive, Fab will prompt a switch.

Be certain to have [B]DVD5[/B] selected on the bottom of Fab’s opening screen. This will ensure that the files you are attempting to copy will fit onto an SL disc. Just [B]do not [/B]choose [B]Clone mode[/B] as this will override the selected target size.

Click [B]Start[/B]

As to why platinum failed, we have no idea until you provide some specifics as requested above…
and I second the suggestion about reading the guide. It contains a great deal of info and is an easy read.