Dual channel memory

i am buying a shuttle sff and it can take dual channel memory. my question is can i put reg memory in? what i mean is it has two slots and if i put one stick in now say 512 and later put in another 512 stick will it be read as 1gig or because it takes dual channel will the other slot not read right because they are not matched. thanks in advance

What is reg memory? Do you mean regular, or registered?

Mixing memory for a dual-channel config can be done, but I advice against it. All kinds of weird problems (caused by different hardware layouts, different timings etc) can be caused by this…

forgot about registered meant regular not matched again sorry

Hehe ok… now we know what you mean.

The answer is simple: you can use regular memory in most situations, except for the AMD Opteron and Athlon 64 FX CPU’s, those need registered memory (the FX will work with standard memory in the future though).

Piggybacking off of what Dee-Ehn said, unmatched memory will work in Dual Channel boards USUALLY. You might get certain boards that are very picky if the brands or timings don’t match.

Check on tomshardware.com as I remember seeing an article about this matter.

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[B] You might get certain boards that are very picky if the brands or timings don’t match.


those are the asus boards

Performance memory makers such as Corsair make “paired” memories (Twin pack) just for this purpose. These memories are “tested” to work together in dual channel memory system such as those with nforce2 mobo chipset.

If the paired memories are not of the same size and brand and model, you can run into serious instability issues.

At the least make sure that you get the same size, brand and model no.

Keep in mind though that performance increase from dual channel is not that great. My 3dmark 2001 score only went up 500 points when I went to dual (1 gig) from single (512mb).