Dual burning

i have 2 burners.

toshiba dvd-rom/cd-rw sd-0012
microsolutions backpack cd rewriter.

i tried burning 2 cds at once. it was working fine while doing the leadin, then the dvd drive had an error. It wasn’t a buffer underrun. anyway, i was using DAO mode.

my comp is running windows ME 128mb ram, 30gig HD, AMD Athlon 850Mhz.

I am also using nero


If you want to do dual burning from the same source, it is recommended to use a pair of burners that are exactly matched in make, model and firmware. If they are IDE burners they should have buffer underrun protection built in.

If you try it with two mismatched burners as you have, it is very likely that you will have problems and an unsuccessful conclusion.

ok thanks, i guess i’ll go out and buy yet another cd burner

Hmm, I only have one burner, so I have not tried this, but I think it will work if you make one disc image on your HD and let one burner burn that, and let the other one burn on the fly? :confused:

problem with that is that my two optical drives are my burners. I don’t have a regular cdrom drive. the dual burning i tried was with mp3’s. so i don’t know.:confused: