Dual Burners

HI I have two nec3500 burners and I would like to be able to burn a dvd or cd from my hard drive to both burners at the same time what do I need? One burner has D .Brothers 2.F8 firmware, the other has Herrie’s 2.17firmware. THANKS for your reply’s :slight_smile:

If i remember this correctly, Kenshin managed to burn to several burners with Nero

Of course your PC and IDE controllers will need to be able to supply the drives with enough data :slight_smile:

And me personally I wouldn’t experiment with different FW’s on otherwise “identical drives” Alcohol is supposed to support recording to mulitple burners at once as well as Nero.

you would need both drives on different channels to each other. i have my 3500 on IDE 1 master and my 2500 installed on my controller card so i can burn 2 at once. also bear in mind what speed you will be recording at as if you have just one hard drive that will feed data to each drive you will get buffer problems on both sides. try to burn from different hard drives = 1 HD for 1 DVD. you will need this for sure at high speeds like 8x+. either nero or alcohol 120% will be fine. hope this helps

You can use Alcohol 120% if you have an image file you want to burn. As per Ahead’s FAQs, OEM version of Nero only supports writing to one drive at a time, whereas demo and retail versions support up to 4 simultaneous burns… there is a pdf file on Ahead’s site that details the procedure… look in support -> product faqs -> nero burning rom -> general…

Thanks everyone for your reply’s now it’s time to get busy.

Thanks again folks for your reply’s. WK217 your reply was on the MONEY I burned a full 4.36gb movie to both nec 3500 burner’s each with different firmware, I set the jumpers to cable select on both drives (and yes I used a cable select cable blue end to the motherboard). (I SAY WORD TO THE MOTHER ). I used nero version and all is well. THANKS AGAIN. I must go to sleep on dur COUCH!

I have a NEC 2500 (v107v2b5) and a Sony 700 (VY06E) . I have just burned a movie to both burners with no problems.

What burning software did you use and what version?

I took an ISo file that I made with DVDShrink and burned it with Nero I slowed the burning down to two speed. I will try at 4 speed today. I cannot go higher as the discs that I have are only 4 speed.

Both writers are on the same IDE channel, NEC is master, Sony is slave. My computer id a Celeron 2.6 with 500gigs of ram.

Thats a helluva lot of RAM for a 2.6GHz cpu!

Mistake - 500 megs.

Yeah, there is no problem burning with recorders of different brands. :wink:

Just remember, you can´t burn faster then the slowest burner can.
Example; if you have 8x media and 1. a 16x recorder and 2. a 4x recorder, then you can only burn at max 4x.

I use the latest Nero ( and the CPU usage is low (0-2% at 4x)… okay then I also have a powerful (P4 2.8@3.2GHz) CPU.
But the memory usage is rather high, 256+ MB on my XP system when burning in multiple (2 burner) mode.
(Note. This when multitasking; using browser, aso while burning.)


I have 2 identical Plextor CDBurners and I use Roxio 6.0 to create 2 Discs simultaneously from image files. It does NOT work consistently. I have no idea what the variable is or whether it’s the media. I use Taiyo Yuden 52x Blue/silver CDRs. Ideas? What is Alcohol 120% ?