Dual Burner/Recorder?

Hi –

I’m kind of a beginner to DVD recording, so I have a basic question. I want to be able to burn both data DVDs off of my computer and record video DVDs off of my DVR and would rather not have to buy two separate devices.

Are there any devices on the market that function as both 1) a DVD recorder that I can attach to my DVR and DVD player and record from those sources and 2) attach to my Mac G4 and record data onto DVD? (I’m aware that that will probably mean having to move the recorder back and forth between my TV and my computer.)

Alternately, my DVR has a USB port on it – is it possible to just run a DVR into my computer and record video DVDs that way? I imagine that might require special software.

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I’m unaware of such a device, but I think if you got one for your computer, you’d be able to burn data dvds as well as recording videos off your dvr, by plugging it into your computer.

Kinda a burner similar to this one:


Since you might want help… might as well be the blinder (swordsperson) leading the blind…

I arsked a similar question… albeit much less intelligently and for different reasons and got a response; I’m a complete moron and of no help to you here, but it is a similar question and might help.

What was helpfully mentioned was a number of options… AND a poster mentioned that with some models you could just plug your PVR into a USB port.

It sounds stupid to mention, as you’ve probably already done so, but maybe just search your model in the forum and see if others have asked/answered/addressed the PVR to USB port with hardware/software question already.

Probably not of any help… but I should try to recontribute that given to me.