Dual Burner - Installing Firmware

Using XP Home. Have 2 burners on my system one being Dlayer. If I need to install newest firmware must I disconnect one of them (one at a time) to install firmware???

Is it safe to install firmware while both are live (connected)??


That depends on the make, model and flashing tools.

What drives have you?

Both LG, Single and Dlayer. Single being master and Dual as secondary or rather slave on the same cable. As far as flashing, via software available on the net. LG’s previous note was that the drive must be on the master while flashing. I suppose, unhook the secondary, flash the primary first, reverse the cable or disconnect master hook on secondary as being master and flash that. Just being cautious.

Any other reliable sites to download firmware (besides Cdfreaks) just in case model not listed???


That doesn’t help.

If you want help, please post the exact model names and numbers and their firmwares.