Dual booting xp

Could someone please tell me how to install windows 98se on a second hardrive without getiing rid of xp.

I have windows xp on my computer right now.
to get my printer to work i need to put windows 98se on the same computer.
Drive E: is currently my boot drive for xp
I have another drive labled C: that i want to put 98 on.

Could someone please tell me what programs i need to dual boot and how i could set this up.

Normally it is not possible to install W98 on a 2nd harddrive. It also must have a partial Dos-System on your first harddrive.
You can try Powerquest Partitionmagic and Bootmagic ( it is possible with these programs I have done it myself) or you have to install Win98 first and then XP. A boot menu would then be automatically created. I don’t know any other possibility.
Good luck