Dual Boot

I want to make a dual boot wiht Win98SE and XP pro on a Vaio, but where can I get the Win98 drivers for the Vaio hardware???

Anybody has an idea??

Plz HELP !!!

Come again? Why would you want to run some out date, unsupported OS when you have WinXP Pro?

if i owned win98se, i’d probably run it too :stuck_out_tongue:

you could check sony’s site for drivers, but i wouldnt count on much luck. if you bought it with winxp, they may not have the older drivers. if the hardware can use generic drivers, you might be in better shape.

@Stoner: his wish is our command :wink: If he wants to use 98, just let him…

@pierce10_99: most probably, your Sony device is (partially?) built from standard hardware components. For the best, check your Windows XP hardware manager to see what hardware there is in your PC, write it down and try to find the drivers at either the websites of the producers of that piece of hardware, or using Google (often linked to www.driverguide.com). AFAIK, Sony doesn’t produce it’s own PC hardware, so I think you’ll just be fine!

People use dual boot for backwards compatible reasons, but personally I have a dedicated 98SE machine (much easier).

Chances are there isn’t any drivers for that Vio, you are better off buying an old PC that was made for 98 or build one.