Dual boot

i have a windows 98 and xp installed at the same time but the win98 freezes a lot and i want to reinsall it but i know that after i do that the xp on the ntfs is still there but when i restart i cant choose which window to use.
i’ve done it b4 and i lost my xp since i have to reinstall it(and format he ntfs) how can i reinstall win98 but keeping my xp ??

i use partition magic to make the partition.

I got one hdd, partition into 2. first partition is on windows xp and the other one is windows98. it happen to me also but i reinstall partition magic on windows98 and use the pqboot to reactivate the other partition(windowsxp).

After i got in windows xp, i use xosl (boot manager).

I think you might be able to boot from the XP CD and “repair” the XP install…not sure if this works.

There is no way to lose xp unless your HD brakes :slight_smile: .
You should “repair” it, it works great. It is like a new installation without formating (use to do it in win98), but better as it keeps everything as you had it.

I don’t know if the win98 boots if you used the Recovery Console (it is diferrent from repairing the installation and just logons to winxp from the command prompt) and fix MRB and BOOT (fixmbr, fixboot). Has anybody used it with win98? I only have used it for cleaning Lilo.