Dual boot XP with Vista already installed

I am trying to install winxp in a dual boot setup on a fairly new computer that came with Vista installed. XP won’t install because it lacks the driver for the computer’s SATA controller. Device manager shows that the SATA controller is: Intel ICH9M/M-E Family 4 port SATA AHCI Controller-2929. XP can’t “see” the sata drives because it lacks the needed driver. Where can I download a copy of this driver? How do I install it? I have read about installing it with a floppy drive, but I don’t have a floppy drive. (And I don’t have the driver.) All helpful contributions will be appreciated.

This is NOT a good idea…:disagree:
In order to do this right,you 1st have to repartition your harddrive to install Xp,and afterwards,you have to run Vista again to repair the bootsector,so that the windows bootmanager recognzes BOTH operating systems…

The driver should be available from the computer manufacturer.
I use a software nlite for this.
It lets you add the driver/drivers to a bootable .iso .
You then burn this .iso to a CD or DVD .

It’s best if you have an XP installation CD.
You can mount an XP.iso in a virtual drive like Virtual CloneDrive by slysoft.
If that is what you have instead in an installation CD.

Burn the .ios nlite creates with ImgBurn.

[QUOTE=cholla;2731749]Burn the .ios nlite creates with ImgBurn.[/QUOTE]
Must be .iso not .ios - just to avoid confusion.

Thanks Liggy , Although not dyslexic I manage to get letters reversed sometimes. :doh:
Definitely [B].ISO[/B] file that will be created & burn that with ImgBurn.

:wink: You mean ImgBurn won’t burn an .ios file ? I’ll have to ask LIGHTNING UK! about that . :wink: :bigsmile:

As roadworker said, you must first install the older OS.

[QUOTE=chef;2732336]As roadworker said, you must first install the older OS.[/QUOTE]
I already had a partition available when I installed an XP upgrade I had an installation disk for. I was installing it on a laptop that already had Windows 7 installed. The reason I had to create a slipstream disk from the XP installation disc with n-lite. The XP installation disk didn’t have the correct drivers for the laptop including the SATA drivers.
I use the recovery console repair for the dual boot.
On my desktop with Vista I have a seperate hard drive with XP Pro.
I decided not to dual boot this set up. I use F12 & choose the OS & hard drive I want . When booted to either all files can still be accessed.

Like everyone said, it’s best to install Win XP first, but there’s no reason why you can’t install Windows XP if you so desire, but you will lose your Vista boot, but it’s not to difficult to repair it. After installing Windows XP, just use EasyBCD to repair the Vista boot files, then you should have the option of booting into Windows XP or Vista.

As for installing Windows XP ACHI Sata drivers, follow this excellent guide which worked for me.



Also XP, from what has been reported, could delete shadow copy or restore points in Vista/W7 but a registry change can keep that from happening.