Dual boot xp and linux?

hi guys

i was wondering if there is a proggy to let linux dual boot with xp. I’ve got 2 x 40gb drives one with xp (NTFS) and i want to put linux on the other i installed linux before but could not configure it to dual boot with xp. Any help would be much appreciated:D

There are loads of multiboot applications. You could used bootloaders that come with Linux (Grub or Lilo) or quite some others: Powerquest Bootmagic, XOSL (works very good and is for free) etc etc…

i tried using lilo but it would not see the other drive for some reason

On another forum all the Linux gurus recommend Grib if you need a boot loader between XP and Linux or more than one flavor of Linux


I’m running XP on a NTFS partition 35Gb, A Fat 32 partition of around 10Gb and Mandrake 9 on the rest, using Lilo it works fine for dual booting. I converted the D partition to Fat32 so Linux could read and write to it, as it doesn’t like writing to NTFS partitions.