Dual Boot- Windows XP Pro/Linux Red Hat

I have two hard drives in my computer and I want to set up a dual boot, one windows xp pro and the other linux red hat. How can i do this? Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Install the Windows XP first on one hard drive. Then install the Linux. Linux has a couple of boot loaders (at least the older versions do - not sure about Fedora). I used the GRUB boot loader. It sets up the opening boot screen with the two OS’s for you. It’s pretty easy.

realize, though, that getting access to files from linux to windows is easy, while from windows to linux is damn near impossible. i often make a third partition and use it to manage files that i need/use on both operating systems.

Thanks, but now where do I get GRUB and which version of red hat is better 8 or 9. (I have both and am undecided on which to install.) :confused:

I don’t know if 8 is better than 9 - probably not though, since Linux just keeps evolving. I went from 7 to 9 and skipped 8 all together. GRUB is part of the Linux distro. When you install Red Hat, eventually the option will come up about whether you want to install as a dual boot. When you choose yes, you can choose GRUB to set it all up in the MBR. It’s pretty straight-forward - a lot easier to set up than you would think.

THANKS for all your help, I will probably set up my dual boot this weekend. :wink:

I know it’s a little offtopic, but may I ask you why you choose RedHat as distro?

Why I ask this? Often, people that have limited (or even no) knowledge of Linux say they want RedHat. Why? Because it’s Redhat! Why? Euh… Indeed, they don’t know why; RedHat is wellknown, so a choice is born.

Although this is a kind of personal matter, I wouldn’t want to advice RedHat for what most people want to use it for: common desktop applications. RedHat is fine for serious workstations, but somewhat spartan for standard desktops.

If my post surprises you a little… well just let us know, so we can help you choose the best distro just for you :slight_smile:

i chose redhat because it had the best, easiest to navigate help network at the time. and because it was on the labs @ school.

i would put fedora on, as the older versions will not be as much fun to find things for.