Dual boot Win 98?

I thought I read somewhere that it was possible that you could dual boot Windows 98 twice. At the time I didn’t read all of it cuz I thought I would never need it. But, I do alot of stuff to my computer that involves messing with setting and installing/uninstalling lots of stuff. And now the other day my internet decided it didn’t want to work any more after installing IE SP1. I couldn’t get it working until the next day and I needed to get on the net. So I was thinking, would there be a way that I could dual boot Win 98 so I could have it installed a second time so when I screw up the first one, I have a reliable backup that I can use? Thx for any info.

There are a few ways of making a dual boot (non NT) OS. There are several options, some of which are hardware dependant:

BIOS option for Two Hard drives:
If you have an option in your BIOS to choose what hard drive sequence to boot, e.g. C, D, E, etc., choose ‘D’, insert your Windows 98 CD-ROM and boot off it. It should install on the second hard drive. Note that the OEM CD will usually require the hard drive to be blank. When you wish to boot of the first again, change the sequence in the BIOS. If you install Windows 98 on your second hard drive, disconnect the power to the first hard drive as Windows 98 (OEM version) will not tolerate any existing version of Windows on the system, but once it’s installed, booting off either hard drive should not give problems and the other partition will typically show up as drive ‘D’ in Windows.

Partition Magic:
Create a second partition for Windows 98 or a partition on a seperate hard drive for Windows 98 and select ‘Install Windows 98’ from the options (can’t remember the exact option off hand). I use to do this, but Partition magic has the major disadvantage of hiding the other Windows 98 partition. I.e. when you boot off one partition, the other partition is inaccessable and vice versa. :confused: Boot Magic (part of partition magic) will display a boot up menu to choose the OS to boot.

There are probably some other methods, but I’d recommend searching the web. :wink:

sounds like a waste of hard drive space - ever used a ‘system restore’ type program? these revert your system to what it was at a certain ‘restore point’. just create new restore points before you install, and make sure the install went ok. its a small hassle, but it definitely beats having the same OS installed twice.

we’ve had a lot of posts the last few weeks about dual booting, and several boot loaders are suggested - if you decide you still want to pursue that path.

A great program for restoring is DriveImage 2002.

I have been using system commander for a long time without any problem .

It allows a lot of system installation together (so 2 w98) and the associated dual boot .

A clean W98 installation wastes less than 1 go .

Thx for the info. I think I’ll try the BIOS option for 2 hard drives. I have a WD 40 GB and an old Seagate 3.2 GB. I have plenty of space as I only use about 10 gigs at most. I’ll also try the system commander.

dont forget to post back your experiences, so that others might learn from you. you never know how many people will appreciate it.

Okay, I haven’t posted on this for a while but I’ve been having some difficulties. At first I couldn’t access the BIOS, which I still haven’t solved and I assume was caused from EZ-BIOS. I finally found my boot disk that loaded the BIOS when I booted from it and found out that my BIOS could not change the boot sequence. So then I went and got System Commander 7. When I tried to install it however, it said that I had EZ-BIOS installed and could not work with it so I had to cancel. My problem seems to be EZ-BIOS. Does anyone know how to uninstall it without reformatting my HDD? Thx for any info.

im hardcore googling about it, but reformatting is the most common option, from what i see. the ezbios utility disk that you can boot to (i think) is supposed to have an uninstall option - but its sketchy, from what i read. good luck, and ill keep looking.

I’ve looked through the EZ-BIOS boot disk a little and didn’t see an uninstall option in plain sight, maybe I can find it hidden somewhere. There was a website on the disk, www.storagesoft.com, which I’m going to check out.

Alright, I went to the site and found this: http://www.phoenix.com/en/products/drive+utilities/ezbios.htm. It basically said that EZ-BIOS is machine code that is written to the zero-track of the hard drive. It also said that it can be easily removed without any harm or damage done to the data on the disk. It did not provide any other information about uninstalling and I’m researching it further.

im not a hardware person…would this zero track act as a separate partition? maybe it could be removed that way if you use your motherboards bios to boot to a floppy? just speculation.

Alright, I have come to the conclusion that because of my hardware I won’t be able to dual boot. I have figured out how to disable and uninstall EZ-BIOS, its under the advanced options in the EZ-BIOS menu of the disk, (I was using a WD data lifeguard disk so I had to go through a few screens to get to it.) Anyways in the long run, my system has an invalid system disk error when EZ-BIOS is disabled so I can’t uninstall it which means I can’t do it. Oh well. Thanx for all your suggestions!

I don’t know too much about the zero track, but I do know that EZ-BIOS is able to restore a backup of it if it gets corrupted, and that the bios in my computer (did) reside in it (which I just found out yesterday.) Thats about all I know about it.