Dual boot shareing files?

i have not startid this its just some thing im thinking about

im going to re install 7 and xp in dual boot and was wondering if i can put each os on a diff partitions, so far no problems but could i put all the program files downloads pics ect in a diff partition and have both os’s accessing the same files??

i know one major flow with this will be driver cabs, but could i re-direct all essentially windows drivers and programs in a second program file in there partition? could this be done outside of the registry by changing simple directory’s and a few computability changes on the shortcuts?


hdd1 500gb:
partition one = win 7 70gb
partition two = win xp + essential programs + drivers 50gb
partition three = program + essential programs + drivers
(files shered) 380gb

hdd2 1tb
partition one =downloads 500gb
partition two =pictures muisic and arcives 500gb

hdd 3 2tb = midia (movies ect) and back ups

possibly with a luinx in there some were as a trouble shooter like ubcd
is it even worth trying this or is it destined to fail??

already have HDDs 2 and 3 set as above though not tested it in dual boot

                            Thanx all POG13

There is no problem installing different OS’s on different partitions. As for installing programs that can be shared, the problem will be the registry settings that the newly installed programs will make, so you will need to install for each OS separately. As for data files, they can be shared between OS’s. There are some programs that have a portable version and write nothing to the registry.

thanx whappo

will leave programs on bouth os and just leave the shared data stuff

                                     thyanx again