Dual boot quessi



I'll install win98, then win2k
Lets say: win98 on C-drive and Win2k on D-drive (partitions)
If I want to delete win98 (on c-drive), will my computer still boot? I mean, will it search for the OS on the c-drive? Or will it immediatly boot from the D-drive (win2K)?
Sorry for the trouble, but I'm new at dual-booting


You can delete the windows folder on the C: drive, but don’t format it as the boot sector is still on it. Why get rid of win98 though, I am running win2k (FAST) and win98 on my internet box and some programs just don’t work on 2K so I have to restart on 98 run something, save it and go back to 2k.
Just an observation.