Dts problem with audigy 2 zs

hello, i have an audigy 2 zs. This card has a dts and dolby ex decoder. i suppose to find the option for dts and dolby ex under device console in audioHQ.
But there isn’t. anybody knows why ?
also i have upgrade drivers, but nothing…

thanks !

These screen shots may help.

thx, but no tab for decoder… :frowning:
i found an update for the audiohq console but the audiohq was already up to date…

Have you checked Creative’s website for Driver and Application updates? There are a few dealing with DTS. Select “view” to see all the updates.

You could also use Creative’s auto updater found on the same page.


i used auto update and i made all the updates but nothing…

Other than reinstalling the product (which is always a major effort), you might try contacting their tech support department. From past experience, they are good at responding quickly (1 or 2 days).

i reinstall the card but nothing. i send an e-mail to creative support center.
thanks for your time !