DTS file

I would like to burn an DTS file to a DVD may I please get help in preforming this function including which programs I need.

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Uhh, more info? You want JUST the DTS audio and no video?


I would like both audio and video. What I have done so far is to convert the movie to a ISO and then burn with “record now max” a program I use to write all DVD. However the DVD player can not read this format.

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No fancy burning methods are going to add DTS decoding support to your DVD setup, sorry :).


As above, the original DVD either has a DTS soundtrack or it does not. There is no way you can add or make one for it. You say you converted to an iso so was it a DVD 5 or was it a transcoded DVD 9? :confused:

I mean if you had to transcode it say using DVD Shrink then a DTS soundtrack would show up quite clearly in the audio streams of the Shrink Gui and you would simply make sure it is selected.

As you burned with Stomp RNM I conclude that you made a “Global” image file too yes?

DVD 5 and yes Global image. Is there an better way to create a DVD with this program?

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Easiest way is to use DVD Decrypter to make and burn the .iso.

Like I said though, if there’s no DTS soundtrack on the movie there’s squat you can do about it.

Thank you for the advice I will give it a try.


Just got DVD Decrypter may I ask what are the settings you recommend?

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hi there, just caught this thread.

Heres my situation if anyone can help…

I dont need menus or anything but i encoded my 5.1 mixes to DTS and now i need some software to burn them to DVD.

I assume i cannot just drag them over and burn as if they where data files? Im thinking it must need finalised like a CD?

The machine i’ll be using runs SACD, TruSurround by SRS, Dolby Digital and DTS. Its a Pioneer model DV-656A and is DTS compatable. I encoded my mixes to DTS WAV, DTS Compact and DTS Padded as I’m not sure if all of these will work?