DTS & DVDMaestro

Hi All
Hope someone has a few clues.
I am using DVD2SVCD to extact video and audio files from a DVD. Importing these assets into DVDMaestro gives no errors, but when i compile, if the audio was *.ac3 it works fine - If the audio was *.dts, i end up with no sound on the finished product. I notice when i drop the *.ac3 file into the audio timeline, it left justifies itself to start at With the *.dts file, the file stays where i drop it in the audio timeline. Can anyone help me with authoring a DVD with DTS audio

If its an NTSC dvd your makeing you MUST have an AC3 track present, not just the DTS to be a DVD compliant disk. Your player will then probably not play the audio.

Are you sure your DVD Player (or PC software player) is DTS capable in the first place?

Thanks CM

It was just that the Audio track did not set itself at the start of the movie. The sound started later in the movie but was totally out of sync with the movie. It seems to me as if DTS tracks dont have a timecode embedded or DVDMaestro does not read the time code and align start with the start of the movie

use latest beta version of BeSliced. Worked for me