DTS audio problem


I have searched this forum and can’t seem to find anything about the issue I’m having. I’m using the current version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD I create my backup with CloneDVD to an ISO file and then burn it to a DL DVD with CloneDVD. When I play the movie back and use the DTS audio track the audio has this redundant pop to it. The Dolby Digital track is fine. My amplifier works fine with DTS and the original disk so I’m not sure what is going on. I’m using RiTek RiData DL disks if that helps.

Once in a while, I get that same “redundant pop” from a DTS track with my JVC RX 8020V Audio/Video Control Reciever Amp. I don’t know if it is the the Amp, the original, the backup, or the media [I]or what[/I], but I found out how to stop it.

I stop my player from playing the movie, turn off the Amp for 2-5 seconds, turn the Amp back on and continue playing the movie. This stops the crackle and pop for me. A small inconvenience for me and only on some movies. Give it a try.

BTW, I get it on some origianls too. Since DTS tracks are not compressed (like Dolby tracks are) I have wondered if that is part of the problem ie more data passing through gives some amps a problem(?). DTS rules as the best sound quality! and I always choose DTS over a Dolby track.


This is not correct, DTS is compressed, but less than AC3 (Dolby). Think about it, if you put 6 channel PCM Audio on a DVD, there won’t be much space left for the video.

Yeah, even PCM Stereo is bigger than DTS… :wink:



James and eltranquil. So DTS is compressed less than Dolby, but still compressed … OK, thanks for the correction.

skooter132 and I have the same issue of popping noises (once in a while) and I have never found a thread about this subject so i just attibuted it to something “low end” or a flaw, or overheating etc. about [I]my[/I] particular Amp not being able to handle DTS as well as some “better” Amps. No biggie for me.


Hi All,

Thanks for responding. I solved the problem last night. I’m posting it here so if anyone else is having the same problem it might help them out. BTW yes, DTS does rule over Dolby Digital. I find that DTS is louder, better bass pass though and the surround steering is better.

After reading through this group for a long time yesterday and seeing that DVDClone does not alter the DTS or Dolby Digital files at all I was beginning to think that there was something wrong with my equipment. I checked my optical cable running from my DVD player to my amp. Nothing wrong there, I’m not sure if you could tell anyway. Red light was coming out of the end so it wasn’t broken. My Yamaha amp does all of the configuring automatically so I tried all of the different DSP modes that it has, same problem.

I then started going through my Sony DVD player’s settings. Everything seemed to be okay. I then started looking to my DVD player’s remote. There is this button on it labeled “Surround” not sure what is does exactly. But when you push the button it cycles through “Surround 1, Surround 2, Surround 3 then Off”. I set it to Off and the problem went away. Yeah!!! I must have hit that button by mistake at some time.

The funny thing is, once I set it to off and changed it back to see if I could duplicate the problem I could not get it to do it again. I could hit that Surround button and cycle through the different options but could not duplicate the problem.

So anyway it’s not a problem with DVDClone. If you are experiencing the same type of problem I would suggest you check your equipment settings. My problems before I fixed it could be heard on both a copy and original in the exact same places in the movie.

I use DTS over DD. I’ve found the channel separation is alot cleaner too.

I have a Sony DVD player also will check this out myself although i haven’t had any problems. About hitting buttons by mistake…i just blame it on my daughter or wife :bigsmile:

which by the way is called CloneDVD, not DVDClone.

I wonder how this is possible, as both systems have discrete channels.

I’m only going by what i hear. I’m 50 yrs old so maybe it’s just me. 40 yrs of listening to rock n’ roll at high volumes maybe not good on the human body :bigsmile:

I think rolling56 may just be mistaking the greater clarity and brilliance of DTS (due to it’s lower level of compression) to be better channel separation. As I’m sure you and most members realize, to hear the difference between DTS and Dolby, one must have a decent surround sound system and not some patched together AV/home entertainment rig (ie the speakers should be a matched set with a subwoofer).


Ya, I saw “Cream” six nights in a row at “The Arc” in Boston in 1967. Sat three rows back from Clapton’s Amp/Speaker configuration each night. My hearing has not been the same since!!


Must have been nice :smiley: