Dts and dobly Vobs Mixed Demo DVD


I have joined a number of dts and dolby5.1 vob about 25 in total together using vobedit and created the ifo files using Ifoedit

The Dvd plays fine except the DTS vobs have no sound on the Player
(i have a dts decoder) and dts plays with sound on PC

Is there some special Hex editing I have to do on the Ifo file to tell it to use DTS. Do dts only vobs and 5.1 only vobs have have to be kept seperate like a second movie ???

I’ve also tried changing the audio mode on the remote when the dts vobs are playing but no joy!!!

Any suggestions appreciated !!!


If each clip has 1 audio only, either DD or DTS, then whats does the IFO file say once they are all joined together. You cant have Track 1 jumping between dts and DD, your DVD Player checks the VTS_x_0.IFO file to see what sort of audio track it is and plays it. If the decoding codec changes (going from DD to DTS) then it has no idea it has, hence no sound. On the PC almost anything is possible.

Convert the DTS tacks to the same DD as the others and re-do. Or use something like DVDLab to author them. Load the 25 titles in separately, linking the end of one to the start of the next. That way they all have their own IFO file and still plays continuous. The Chapter button would jump to the next title as well.