DTR Ltd unveils Protected Disc Recorder

I just posted the article DTR Ltd unveils Protected Disc Recorder.

DTR Limited, a company which specialises in optical disc security and access control has announced the availability of its Protected Disc Recorder (PDF). At a first glance, this would seem like…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13319-DTR-Ltd-unveils-Protected-Disc-Recorder.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13319-DTR-Ltd-unveils-Protected-Disc-Recorder.html)

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Sounds good… Seems that those “impossible” 1:1 copies will now be possible again :d

So you can use it in non-secure or secure mode? And it uses copy protections already broken? Then they’ve tacked on a few extra copy protection ideas for fun. Can’t see the point myself. Any buyers here on CDFreaks? I think not…

No specifications? No pricing? Where do I sign up? :r

Can you just see all the customers lined up at the door waiting to snap these up? I’ll pass.

From emailing them: The PDR write engine is capable of replicating Xbox360, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii authentication signatures - also SafeDisc and SecuROM, amongst others. Gristy: Since when have these been broken, let alone copiable 1:1 ??? :smiley:

Holly shit! This thing allows to burn all copy protections?! This is what all freakz need!!! Finally someone is making real device for power user and dumb people only see “official” DRM side. I want one now!!! Zenith/FtL

So could this rip a disc and create a image file with all the protection then burn it on to a blank disc or is it only able to burn with all the protection?