DT 3.43 unleashed pnphlp.vxd demon

hi, i started using DaemonTools since 3.33 and no problems at all so far. till i upgraded to 3.43. during reboot, win98se hanged half way thru, at abt 80% and before going into desktop.

to cut long story short… i’ve done extensive trial & error and checking and have confirmed that it’s the pnphlp.vxd that’s causing the problem. in order to boot properly, i must use StepbyStep Confirmation and when asked whether to load pnphlp.vxd, i must say No. otherwise win98se will hang.

however, by not loading pnphlp.vxd, i won’t be able to use DT coz it’ll say “virtual SCSI driver not found”. but on the other hand, if i boot normally (load all drivers) win98se can’t boot properly, it’ll hang.

i’ve tried removing pnphlp.vxd from the registry. after which win98se is able to boot normally (but cant use DT ofcoz).
i’ve also tried uninstalling/reinstalling many times, using DT version 3.41 and even 3.33… but it seems everytime pnphlp.vxd is present, win98se cannot boot now.
i’ve also tried restoring my registry using scanreg /restore at command prompt. problem still persists, as long as pnphlp.vxd is present.

although i’ve fixed my boot up problem (by removing pnphlp.vxd from the registry), it looks like i can’t use DT ever again… is there a fix? or i need to wait for newer version than 3.43?

in case anyone else encountered problems with 3.43, check if ur problem is similiar to mine. you can try the remedies i did (altho juz temporary fix)

meantime, if anyone has a fix for this (making DT work again) i’m very much appreciate it.


Thanks for that. Have you posted here?

yes i did. but i doubt much pple will see it. the forum over there looks “dead” haha…

Originally posted by foxxkat
yes i did. but i doubt much pple will see it. the forum over there looks “dead” haha…
Far from it. The Developer lives there. If it’s a PEBKAC problem, he’ll ignore it, but if it’s a genuine problem, he’ll follow it thru.

hi everyone, again…
i’ve found something interesting…

my above post said i cant seem to use DT ever again… dat’s true, after upgrading to 3.43, i cant boot properly, have to bypass pnphlp.vxd. and if i bypass loading pnphlp.vxd, DT cant work.

even i’ve managed to remove 3.43 and then install 3.41 or even 3.33, same problem. either can’t boot properly, or cant use DT. Now i’ve fixed this problem too… and the solution is interesting.

it has to do with warcraft3 patch 1.13

few days back i’ve read a lot abt patch 1.13 on bnet and how pple whine abt image not working, and some posted saying patch 1.13 installed something “illegal” without your knowledge, designed to beat virtual drive +image. i didnt pay much heed to that at that moment… and it seems blizzard release a patch 1.13b soon afterwards. again i dont pay much heed.

i’ve patched to 1.13 just before i upgrade to DT 3.43

starting earlier today i started to hav a strong hunch and finally, reluctantly, i dig out my original war3 cd, start up, and got it patched to 1.13b.

u can guess the rest… i reinstall DT3.41, and huaa! win98se is able to boot up normally and DT works just like it always did.

i’ve done nothing else for the last two days except uninstalling/reinstalling DT 100times trying to fix the problems and getting DT to work again…but never did. but once i patched war3 to 1.13b DT now works.

has patch 1.13 got anything to do with it? i wld say definitely. coz i’m very sure i have done nothing else (like installing some other app) to suggest it could be other drivers dat’s causing this.

next i try upgrading to 3.43… and the problem is back!!!
this time however, after i uninstall 3.43 and reinstall 3.41, pc is ABLE to boot properly and DT works. unlike previously when i was at patch 1.13 (war3), uninstalling 3.43 and reinstalling 3.41 won’t work.

end of report, hope it’s useful.
any other queries fell free to ask. sooner the better coz later i might forget :slight_smile:

The problem is being looked at, and should be fixed soon.