Dsub connector info needed

I just bought my first lcd monitor. Its a Samsung 19in widescreen type.
So here is my newbie question. I notice that the dsub(15 pin analog) cord is fairly thin. It looks like a decent quality and has those things in them, i think they are called “chokes”. They help reduce any “noise” or electronic interference that may be around. But the cord itself is fairly thin.
Is that because lcd monitors dont use as much voltage and so the cables can be smaller?
And can these 15 pin dsub connectors be used on a crt monitor?
I would imagine they can but i have to ask as they do seem to be thin. Of course I have some older 15 pin dsub cables that came with crt monitors and they worked fine, so that is probably my answer.
Anyway, is there some correlation between the thickness of cord and the cords ability to work properly or not and can these cables that came with an lcd monitor be used on a crt monitor?

thanks for taking the time to read this and your comment is welcome.

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. The size of the conductor is determined by the amount of current being carried.
. Voltage determines the thickness of the insulation - but this is just a rule of thumb.
. Other than the power cord, everything that plugs into the computer is 15V or less (there may be a few exceptions). IIRC, in respect to designing wires/cables, everything below 30V gets the same insulation.
. The cable between the monitor and the computer is a signal cable and the current involved is next to nothing (but not zero) - it works on voltage, not current. The size of the conductor, in a signal cable, is dependent more on how long the cable is (to avoid voltage drop, since there is a tiny amount of current flowing).
. Part of the reason the older cables are larger is tradition, partly for physical strength, and partly for abrasion/cut resistance. And all the bulk is in the insulation - most of which is not necessary to the electrical operation of the cable.
. All “common” analog monitors (that I know of) use the same voltage.

. Yes. A 15-pin D-shell sub-miniature connector is a standardized (ISO?) part. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the cables are wired the same - although in your case they are.

. Nope. Or only loosely for your scenario. The resistance of the conductors and shielding are the really critical parameters - neither of which, in this case, take up much room. Personally, I’d rather have a small, fragile cable that will break instead of pulling my monitor off the desk when I trip on it.

. Yep. The main difference is in the physical properties, not electrical - just don’t yank on it as hard. Intuition tells me that, if anything, the newer cables will be better.

if both the monitor and you video card have DVI ports, it would be well worth the ~$15 for a DVI cable as it will give you a better picture than d-sub

just my $.02

. Most definitely.
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Personally, I’d rather have a small, fragile cable that will break instead of pulling my monitor off the desk when I trip on it.

I think there could be trouble either way on that one!

Sorry, i guess i didnt set this up to notify me of any replies. Thanks for the replies, it confirmed my suspicions but i wanted to hear it from people who knew for sure, lol.

I just got a vid card with a dvi connector on it, so i am going to swap out my vid card to see the improvement. To be honest, at this point i prefer my old Compaq 21 or 22 in monitor over this one. In order to be able to see and read i had to change the font sizes to the point where some print, like in my home page, is unreadable. I wish i had saved my money. The only thing i gained is some desk real estate. I hope the switch to dvi helps.
thank you
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