DSL issue

this is probably not the correct place for this but please help if you can

I’ve just got dsl and am trying to connect my pc to the router. I was able to ping the router so i know that i was connected.

The next step was to configure the router. I Opened up the webpage typed in the ip address and was then prompted to enter the username and password once i done this the page started to open but only got as far as saying web configurator up at the very top, as in where it says Microsoft Internet Explorer.
This page should open promptly as it is stored on the router.

The router and cable definitely work as i connected it to the laptop and it worked fine?

I rang my ISP and they were unable to help so far. Since i have spoken to them i have not been able to ping the router and when i do ipconfig its the wrong ip address, even when i select obtain ip address automatically and when i input the ip address i get the same issue.

I feel like i took ten steps back after calling the ISP.

Im using windows xp home SP1
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
VIA PCI 10/100MB Fast Ethernet Adapter

anyone any suggestions, similar experiences??

please help

Well, it kinda sounds like the firmware of the router is messed up. If I were you, I’d reset the router using the button and see if it will load the page properly. Also, make sure you don’t have any popup blocker crap going on or anything. Maybe try accessing it from anothe puter. If it won’t work from another machine after resetting it, I’d take it back to where you got it, and get another. I think it might be the web page in the firmware might be messed up. :doh: .

It works fine on the laptop so its not the router



DSL modem model?

DSL modems often come configured to act as a router, and it works fine until you connect a second computer and router, then it breaks. ISP’s generally don’t support routers, and are incompetant when they do.

But, you still should be able to get into the router config.

I am using a ZyXel Prestige 660W/HW Series

Just to let you know that when I ping I get and sometimes But before I rang the ISP I could get the correct IP address.

I knew it was correct as I could ping the router and also it was in the correct range.

The DSL light is on and the LAN light is amber, amber means it is using 100mb line.

The router never worked with the PC, this was the first node attached to the router. I then connected the laptop using the cable that i was using for the pc and it worked immediately.


On your desktop, after hooking up, enter IPCONFIG /RELEASE, then IPCONFIG /RENEW. If that doesn’t work, try hooking up direct to your DSL, and see what the IP address is. I know on my setup, I had conflicting IP addresses. The IP address on the DSL ROUTER was the same as the IP adress on my Dlink Router. I had to hook up direct to the DSL box, and manually change the IP address on it, then hook up the router, and boot it. Then I did my IPCONFIG /RELEASE, IPCONFIG/RENEW, and everything was hunky dorey…

I fixed it, disabled the Local Area Connection and then enabled it and everthing worked just fine after that.

Thank you for all the help and suggestions.

: )