Dsl Boosting Software?


I am new to Dsl so bare with me, I came across this sotware call dsl speed which say that it bost the connection to its max. Can anyone verify this software? Thankz

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First, don’t waste your money. DSL isn’t as fast as cable. If you have the basic level, you won’t get any faster.

Second, this has nothing to do with AnyDVD.

My bad, I open 2 windows of this site and mixed up, Once again sorry. Can anyone help move this to its approate area. Thankz

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I’m sure by me replying to this statement will get this thread moved or closed alot faster, but it’s funny when I hear that Cable is faster then DSL. Cable is NOT faster then DSL.

Cable companies offer faster speed then most DSL companies. This reminds me of a old question that alot of people will just get wrong:

Which is heavier? 100lbs of bricks or 100lbs of feathers, alot of people will say “Bricks”. Bricks is the wrong answer, they weigh the same.

If Cable offered the speed of 1.5meg and DSL offered 1.5meg download, the cable is not faster, the speeds are the same.

@ babychar2002

To answer your question, You will not be able to get faster speeds then provided by your DSL company, but there is software(and/or you can do it yourself) that will help you to tweak your OS to get the full potential provided speeds from that line.

Cable, and this is illegal, a person can hack into the Cable modem and change the speeds.

“So why is this”? you ask

Simple, with DSL, the Speeds are capped off at the Central Office. Cable the speeds are controlled with the customer’s modem.

Just to add some additional info! If you have your system set up correctly, and you are getting 1.5 speed with dsl, do you really need anything faster than that. (Unless you are downloading a god-aweful amount of crap on a regular basis). And, regardless of whether you have dsl or cable, you should visit www.dlsreports.com, and use the utilities to test and tweak your system to get the most out of your connection. Your DSL speed will remain constant no matter how many users there are on it. With cable, as more people in your area get on, it can cause slow downs. For me the cost difference makes it an easy choice. My dsl is 1/2 the cost of cable.

Yes, you are correct. I may have been too general and assuming, in my statement.

He admited he was new to DSL, so I assumed he just got the basic/cheapest DSL package. With Qwest, the standard package is a 256kbps line. With Cable (in Minnesota), their standard package is 3000kbps. The price of a comparable DSL line is really not even close to worth it for the average user.

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I have Cable Internet service and I would like to comment on Forum Members harley2ride suggestion if you have a broadband connection to visit BroadBand Reports (http://www.dslreports.com) and/or SpeedGuide Net (http://www.speedguide.net) and use their Board Band tweaking utilities to optimize your system for broadband connection.

I noticed a notable connection improvement when tweaking my registry settings.

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Call around and haggle for the price of the service. I convinced my provider to give me 1.5 for only 29.00 per month, which includes MSN.

Much depands on your area, in some cases (where I reside) the same company provides cable and phone service (Alltel). Since they have already invested in upgrades to offer DSL there are no plans to provide internet service via cable. They also charge more here (no competition) for the service they do provide and seem slow to upgrade speeds. They have been quite reliable and much better than the dial up I was forced to use for ~2 years.
Agree with others on using DSLReports to ‘tune’ your internet connection and check your speeds etc. Don’t waste your money on the DSL booster software.

I won’t be haggling because cable in my area is still faster.

I don’t know about everywhere else, but here Qwest controls the lines. So other companies offering DSL are using Qwest’s service. I don’t think Qwest offers any sort of discount to those companies. So I think here, you’re paying for another company to resell Qwest’s product at the same price. Plus, it adds another hop (or actually two). I think it goes Home to Qwest, Qwest to second DSL provider, DSL provider back to Qwest.

A friend of mine had great success at college pitting the broadband providers against each other.