Dsl 3.0mb or 1.5mb?




I wanta know which is better, I am using emule and i am constantly downloading rm files at the reange from 130mb to 180mb :smiley: . My friend told me that they use the 3.0mb and they can download it in like 45 mins or so if going constant :iagree: . So i wanta know if the 1.5mb is going to the the same or just a bit slower guz the 1.5mb is much cheaper than the 3.0mb. :iagree:

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1.5Mbit is 1/2 the speed of 3.0Mbit. Faster is better, go with 3.0Mbit :slight_smile:


I just signed up for an ADSL2 service. 12Mbit, and soon to be upgraded to ADSL2+ which is 24Mbit. :smiley:


Is that the new “fios” service from Verizon?


for starters…emule is slow as christmas with either 3.0 or 1.5
if you try something else like…uh limewire…i get songs 10 times faster on my 1.5


The rm files that i am downloading from emule is a much have software inorder to download the searies that i want.

This is not the Version version it’s from sbc yahoo dsl.


I wish you all the luck… :wink:

Here in the Netherlands, all the recent tests with faster ADSL (including ADSL2) have shown that only those who live quite near to a neighborhood’s hub achieve the high speeds. The ones that live far away have (and pay for) high speed lines, but only achieve “regular” ADSL speeds. So, only getting 8mbit on a 20mbit line seems to be nothing out of the ordinary. That sucks :sad:


Never heard of ADSL2 in South Korea. 24Mbps??? It’s probably like VDSL 1st version which was about 25Mbps. The most unfortunate thing about ADSL and VDSL is that it’s still very slow for uploading.

Anybody in Japan who has 1Gbps internet at home? :slight_smile:


I’m trying to con my cable provider into giving me business internet at home. Hehe. I hope I can get at least 10mbit up and down.


BTW, South Korean government is considering to standardize broadband-based TV because broadband is ubiquitous. (Ubiquitous is the national motto here as popularized by “U-Korea” on a KT TV ad.) The TV industry and related government ministry says the news service is TV. The computer industry and related government ministry (MIC) says it’s information and communication (which is what IC stands for.) Some consumers say either digital TV or computer web-TVs, DMB ground/satellite TV, and HDTV cards can already do what the newly proposed internet TV is all about. However, it will further revolutionize both the ways we use TV and computers by integrating consumer electronics and computer technologies.


No, iiNet broadband2.