DS9 Season 3 prob

Hey, new to dvd2one, but ripped ds9s3d1 with decrypter in file mode, used dvd2one 1.1.3 in full mode and checked burn with copy to dvd. The disc actually plays, but in my xbox and my sony dvd player after you select a particular episode that episode menu comes up for a sec then goes black… you can still press enter and it will play, but a black screen means something mustve went wrong…

any help is appreciated. thx

What the hell is ds9s3d1 if I may ask ?

Well, I don’t know the answer to the user’s problem, but it’s (Star Trek) Deep Space Nine Season 3, Disc 1.

yeah its star trek deep space nine season 3 disc one, sorry im lazy. im still having the same issue… any help is appreciated

What does this mean??

“…checked burn with copy to dvd”

if you have copy to dvd installed you can check to burn it with that program automatically within dvd2one


thx for the info…


where did you get season 3 from? It’s not due out for a couple of weeks yet.

im from canada it was out june 3rd, got it at futureshop.ca

this is still bothering me, I tried full disk mode with disc 6 and it wont even play in any dvd drive.

Im gonna switch to smartripper, set total size lower and try again and see what happens

any other suggestions are appreciated