DS18 - Faulty Firmware

I have LTD-166S and upgraded from DS14 - DS18. The upgrade went on smoothly.

I have encounterd a few problems and noticed a few things :

  1. The opening of the tray is a little bit slow towards the end. No problems with closing.

  2. When I start Windows with a disc loaded in the drive, Windows would not start. Windows will detect the disc and then stop loading and no HDD activities.

  3. I try to burn on the fly and it failed in the middle of he process. The reading process will stop suddenly.

I think there is something wrong with DS18 because I have never encoutered these problems before. DMA is on, Nero Info Tool detects the drive.I can play DVDs and VCDs smoothly. Should I switch back to DS14 ?

if u’ve never had these problems before and u suddenly have them now, i guess the choice is pretty clear whether u should switch back or not. i’m not having any of these problems myself, so they would appear to be isolated. my tray does slow down very slightly at the end, but it doesn’t seem to be so slow as to be a problem; i’m not sure how slow urs is going, so u may actually have a problem.


i’ve also upgraded both of my two ltd-166s from ds14 to ds18, and got no problems like you. tray is working exatcly the same as before upgrading

I have updated my HD166S firmware to DS18 and it works like a charm. No problems here.

no problems here either…at least not yet :wink:

knock on wood