DS-8A8SH Booktype setting?

I have a slimline Lite On / PLDS DS-8A8SH (HP laptop stock drive) and I can’t seem to access the bit setting values to change the Booktype default for DVD+RW and DVD+R discs.

I’ve tried the various utilies on the CodeGuys site as well as the Booktype utility avail directly from Lite-On. It seems this newer drive isn’t supported by any utility that I can find (I’ve had no trouble changing the default booktype settings of my previous Lite-On DVD and BD burners.

I’ve aslo tried to change the booktype setting when burning with IMGBURN but receive a “CBD” error when attempting to do so.

Is it possible to set the booktype to DVD-ROM for this drive when burning DVD+R and DVD+RW discs?