Drying time for inkjet printable discs?



I just bought an Epson R200 and a spindle of Ritek hub-printable DVD-Rs. I have printed a few disks, and have been very happy with the quality. The Epson manual suggests waiting 24 hours before using the discs after printing, for complete drying of the ink.

Do I have to wait that long? I’m too scared to try them sooner, but I would like to hear what other people think.



i use mine straight away, just be carful how you hold the disc. they should be touch dry but you mite smudge the ink if you not careful within the first 24hrs.


wipe off excess ink with a tissue (centre and outer edge)
use immediately after wiping


I’ve noticed it dries pretty much right off the printer, as long as you keep the ink on the printable surface.


If there are any forms of wetness … like a glistening coating (cos some discs coatings are not good) - don’t put it in. TOUCH DRY!!! or better /// I put a wet disc in for fun, and got radial ink smudging at 16x - and ink on the tray and drive … the drive hasn;t been harmed tho :stuck_out_tongue: - DUN TRY THAT AT HOME :wink:


Most disks will be dry to the touch within a minute, before this you can smudge if you slide you finger across with some pressure.

Also touching the surface of the disk within about an hour of printing (varies with disk surface type) will almost always leave a horrible greasy/fingerprint which will NEVER come out.

For disks you know are likely/going to be fequently handled you could try a fixative spray. A friend does and he can just wipe off marks with no problem, although at over £7 a can it not cheap, but is effective.

One more thing dont EVER be tempted to put a freshly printed disk straight into a drive of any kind. The rotational speed of the drive can cause any loose (wet/even almost dry) ink to run in “pretty” patterns to the edge of the disk due to centrifugal force. What this ink splatter does to the inside of the drive I dont know, but it surely cant be good (except perhaps in a decorative sense :wink: ).