Drx-710ul Doesnt Recognize Dvd+r

HI i have this external burner it can read a movie…but it doen’t recognize a dvd+r ,and have plenty of these.
i read in other post that this is a lite on…
-everytime i load a +R it makes a sound like grasping th drive then the error message
--------is there anyway i can fix this problem…btw firmware is updated to BYX5 FROM SONY
…can i use lite one firmware to fix this issue?

thanks in advance

Are you talking about a DVD+R that’s already been written to, or a blank DVD+R?

And in what are you getting an error message?

it can read a dvd+R written already,like a movie already burnt…
it doesn’t recognize a blank+R disc,plus it make a strange sounf
after inserting the disc

btw i’m using verbatim+ …good brand,

anybody else ha an opinion ?