DRW1108IM: burn at lower speed

Since I have a lot of problems burning DVD-R’s with mediacode LEADDATA01 and VDSPMSAB01, I want to try to burn them at a lower speed. In Nero I only have the 4x speed available. How can I burn at a lower speed?

Burning at 4x speed looks good but reading back in different drives gives a lot of problems.

By the way, burning DVD+R gives no problems at all!


Well, what u could do, is get the BTC speed hack tool, and try that, do a search here for the prog.

Be careful, wit flashing tho… it can DESTROY the drive.


both your media is known to be of very low quality!
don’t be surprised if they give you trouble!

I doubt burning at 2x is going to make a big difference over 4x.