DRW1016IM - New firmware VA082!

Has anyone tried it…

Does anyone know if it gives more stable burning in general or is it just changed on the medias reffered to in the changelist?

well i havent tried it yet, i had the laqstest till this firmware and it did improve the quality of burns on some media

i will have to maybe try this out in a lil while

I tried it and my drive still works.
guess i need to try some of the discs listed on the change list.

Installed it and did not notice any difference. The drive still does not support my LeadData CD-R media. My old 1004 BTC does. It seems BTC is progressively getting worse with each new drive they put out. The old 1004 was OK, and got better with newer firmware releases. The 1016, however, has been a poor performer from the start and has not gotten any better.

Note to self: Never buy a BTC drive again!

yeah i guess you really do get what you pay for. ive had many problems with my drive manily media compatability but many discs i ahve or buy dont work properly. though once you do get media that burns properly everything works fine.

I recently acquired a BTC 1016IM and with AO82 it burns dvd+r’s quite well with TY TO2 media.
I have not burned any cds but I only use TY media so I am sure that they will burn quite
well as well. I gather that the 1016IM does not like cheap media.