DRW1008IM Firmware V0358



What’s up with all the firmware releases like every week?


Don’t complain! :slight_smile:

It looks as though they are putting a lot of effort into make the drive compatible with as much media as they can and are improving write strategies for the media as well.

It actually good to see them doing this instead of phasing out the updates and conentrating only on the new (forthcoming) drives. It shows they want to support the various models and not just the current ones.


Now do you think they will make it Dual-Layer DVD+R? It may have been discussed, but I must have missed out on the discussion…only reason is cause it can now do 8x for DVD-R also…?



Which firmware allows you to burn 8X DVD-R?




Indeed, we do our best to provide as fast as possible the latest MID code support to you, the endusers. That’s why we release a new firmware version almost every week.

In the last few months I haven’t been very active on this forum because I have been working behind the screens on a lot of internal improvements which are starting to bear fruit now.

Bitsetting support has been added (soon to be supported by Nero as well) and we’re doing a helluva job in supporting as many media as we can now. That having said, there will always be media out there which are not compatible yet, but usually that’s just a matter of time.

For those of you who are confused by the version numbers, please be informed that the first 2 digits show the revision, the last 2 digits the firmware version.

So V0657 is the 6th revision of V0057.
V0358 is the 3rd revision of V0058.

So V0358 is newer than V0657, for example.

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Can we infer by this that a revision change only adds newer MID codes to the firmware, while a firmware change means there are core changes to the firmware proper?