DRW1004IM v0450 is out

You can get the newest F/W of DRW1004IM at follow address. :slight_smile:

the changelist says its there but where ? O.o


I have just installed v0450 but after the firmware flash the version still shows 350 :eek: :eek:


i flashed my Drive and the Flash was successfull it shows 0450.
I have burned a DVD-Rs 5minutes ago (Verbatim Datalive Plus, mcc 01 rg20 and im very satisfied with it the test with cdspeed and this Media is really good O.o)

Nothing to do!
I flashed my Drive with firmware 0450 and the Flash was successfull but it shows always 0350 :eek: :eek:
I flashed my Drive since firmware version 048 without problems.


x PDF117

Probabilmente hai usato questo :


su drvupdate invece c’è questo


come puoi ben notare i due nomi sono diversi: una M al posto della solita I dopo IDPFL ed in effetti una differenza c’è, il FLASHER, nel primo caso BTCTOOL11.EXE (MCU Flash 2.71) nel secondo caso il classico IDEFLASH.EXE + Fidevxd.vxd + Fide.sys (IDE FLASH 2.72), quindi prova ad usare quello di drvupdate (il Firmware è identico).

For MarcoBTC

Why people at BTC released the same firmware with two different flasher without a note, is there any difference or issue or whatever, which is recommended to use :confused:

I still want to know how can I submit a disc to be added to the change list if the disc has no MID code? Should I send BTC a sample disc for them to get the info?

The second file on drvupdate WORKS !!


contact marco per mail