DRW1004IM v0151 with RITEKG04

Anybody used v0151 burn 4x DVD-R RITEKG04 ??
I got some informaiton from BTC, that re-tune the ws for RITEKG04, but I am not sure. So if you had burn RITEKG04 with v0151 please give me the burning result that you got, thank!!

Best regards.

According to btc’s changelog RITEKG04 strategy has really been retuned!
I didn’t burn one myself though…

took a long time for btc to solve(recognice) the problems, hope for all 1004 users that the drive is now working correct with ritekg04 medias.

my 1004 has been replaced by an 1108 so i can´t test the fw.

I just updatet my 1004 to firmware 151. And it really looks promising :bigsmile:

I was actually able to burn @4x (well almost, but 3.9x is much better than 1.98x :wink: ) and the dvd was perfectly readable.

Remember, this is only one single test with one dvd. It is possible that this disk was a bit better than the others, but i doubt it, since i was unable to burn @4x whith any disk of this spindle before i updated the firmware.
(i once tried firmware 758 and it burned @4x, but the disk was completely unreadable, avg PI 2261 and PO 559, need I say more?)

I did a quick scan with kprobe, and the quality @4x looks better than @2x with firmware 051. I did the scans in my BTC-drive, so I’m not sure if these are really comparable to graphs made in liteon burners. But I think they can be used to compare the quality of the firmware versions.
Both readings were done @4x speed. (@2x the become much better, but i was told one should test @4x)

Finally it seems that BTC fixed the Ritek G4 problems. But I’m a bit surpised they hide this big improvement and dont make 052 out of this firmware. Maybe because they always refused to accept that there even IS a problem? Well, better late than never and now it seems that everything ist working.

I just want to warn you before updating anything: this damn windows suddenly rebootet during the flash process. Even though it statet to have firmware 151 now, i didn’t trust this, so i flashed it again (with mtkflash under good old DOS)


you might want to make a nero dvd speed scan (with the “disc quality” option) of your disks. it works the same as kprobe (pi/po errors) but the btc drive should be well supported by that program :slight_smile:

I can’t find this tool in nero 5.5. there is only cdspeed…probably this is a nero 6.x feature?
I really don’t want to update, since I’m using linux all the time and have my win98 installation just for things like updating the drive or scanning the quality…
The results of kprobe with BTC might not be compareable to other drives, but thats not much important for me.

you can find the latest version of the program here :slight_smile:

thanks! didn’t know that this tool can be downloaded seperately :slight_smile:

I did a scan and it shows almost the same results. (PI is a bit higher at the beginning and PO ist a bit lower, but not much difference)

But I still have a problem: the scan stops @92% and says the testing mode would not be supported by this track ?!? There is only one track on the dvd and I’m quite sure the first an only track is longer than the scanned length.

Well, since dvdspeed makes problems and the results (for the scanned area) are almost the same I will probably stick at kprobe :wink: