Drw1004im help to burn dvds

everything is fine until i put my blank dvd in then it is not responding.

im using bulkpaq orange 4x-r which i have seen on another forum as been ok.

also tried datashare with same results.

using firmware 0049

and the latest nero

any help would be apprecited.

On my 1004 with FW48 my orange Bulkpaqs 4X-R work just fine.

ive had one work in about 20 attempts.

pulling my hair out.

ajz which software are you using?

im using nero

Using Nero (latest of the 5.5 family).

The first five characters of the inner-ring of my Bulkpaq’s are: 4XPB0. The MID code is Princo, by the way.

different inner ring characters, notsure if thats gonna cause it.

MID code the same.

will try and copy nero

thanks ajz