DRW1004 only reads/writes CD's, not DVD's

Hi all
I have purchased a DRW1004 dual writer today. The drive will only read and record cd’s, it doesn’t even recognize recorded or blank DVD’s. :frowning: So far I have wasted 4 hours in front of the computer, browsing through the cdfreaks.com website and at this moment I begin to think it has been a big mistake to buy this product. :a
I have upgraded to firmware 0043, but nothing has been solved.
Actually, the shop were I bought this is over 100 kms from my home, :eek: so I’d really want to see this issue solved rather than having to drive back to the shop.

Some other ‘minor’ issues: neither the box not the online manual come with any BTC website address. I had to get it via Google-Cdfreaks.com. Weird. :confused:
The RiDATA DVD+RW disk that came in the driver’s box has some serious scratches on it, so I doubt it’ll be usable at all even if the driver comes to life, which, after browsing the forum, I really doubt. :wink:

I do hope to have a solution that does not involve driving over 200 kms, thanks to anyone that can help me for your support.

Just a last thought: how should someone that has no access to the Internet deal with this kind of problems?