DRW 3S163 (Digital Max/LiteOnOem)

I have this burner, but for some reason it will not record CD discs? Any ideas…i am using nero 6 and roxio & clone cd, but none seem to work. The moment i back up a DVD it works fine…can someone help please!! :bow:

has it written to cds before? what’s with warranty? what firmware? system specs, etc…

Yes it has written cds before, bought it oct 2004, upgraded firmware to BSC3…sys spec is 2.2 p4, 1024 ram 200gb hdd running xp pro

sorry BSG 3 from BSG 2

are there nvidia ide-drivers installed on your system? if yes uninstall them.
you can also try a liteon firmware, like CSTR. but i don’t think it willl fix your problem.
have you tried different media?

have nvidia drivers, but cant remove them, media isnt the problem tried 3 different kinds

why can’t you remove the nvidia drivers?

they are not showing anywhere

reinstall them. there will be an icon to uninstall them afterwards.