DRW-2S81 Question

I recently got a DRW-2S81 DVD-RW and when I bought it I also got some Datawrite Classic 8x DVD-R acording to Nero infotool they are Fujifilm03 Dye.

The problem is I can only write to these disks at 4x and not the 8x :sad:
I have update the DVD-RW firmware to USG2.
I know the drive is basicaly a re-badged Lite-on 812S, But I have no idea who is supposed to be the seller of this drive.
I know that 4KUS sell it, but their DRW-2S81 has a headphone socket on the front, mine does not.

I was wondering is there anyway to make the drive burn at 8x on these disks, or am I stuck with these 8x disks as only 4x ones.
Also is there anyway of finding out what 8x DVD’s the drive supports, so I can buy them from now on?

Thanks for any Help.

Use the OmniPatcher. It can show you what speeds the USG2 firmware supports for different media and you can also change the allowed speeds to your needs.

Welp used Omnipatcher, loaded the USG2.EXE file, had a look and the FUJIFILM03 media is not listed in the supported list.
No Fuji is listed.

So I guess I’m stuck at 4x then :sad:

Then load the US0N firmware. That support FUJIFILM03 at 8x. Download US0N from my website, and the version there will flash onto your drive just fine.

OH NO!!!
The drive is now pooched.
It updated to US0N, bit now it won’t burn a darn thing!!!

I can’t flash it back to USG2 as it says the drive is not supported.
I tried using omnipatcher to extract the .bin file and using MtkWinFlash to flash the drive back, but it just gives an error when I try.

As the drive is not even a week old and is my wedding aniversary present from the wife, and she is gonna kill me if it’s now a dead drive!!!

Do NOT use MtkWinFlash! It’s very buggy. Use LtnFW to flash the drive.

LtnFW: http://dhc014.rpc1.org/howto.htm

(and that page also has recovery instructions in case LtnFW won’t work)

In the future, if you want to flash back to an older firmware, you should consider using FlashFix. :slight_smile: That will save you from having to extract the .BIN and subsequently using LtnFW. Or, since you already have OP, you can just load USG2 with OP (ver. 1.1.0 or higher) and then saving it again (with or without many any changes)–that will automatically FlashFix it.

Also, I’m very surprised that US0N does worse than USG2, as 0N is a much newer firmware and has generally proved to be more effective than other firmwares.

I might try the US0N again, as when I flashed back to USG2 I still had the same error.
Turns out it was a faulty disk, dunno if the flash to US0N done it.

But will test it again as it works fine when I patched USG2 with OP to enable it to flash the drive back.

Ta much for the help :slight_smile:

Well re-flashed it to US0N and it works fine at 8x, just wrote two dvd’s and they work fine in both pc’s.

Guess it was just a faulty disk after all.
Typical that would just have to happen to me :slight_smile: